Health Care for the Homeless

Health Care for the HomelessYakima Neighborhood Health Services has a special focus on the homeless population of Yakima County. An interdisciplinary team of professionals provide medical and dental care, counseling, case management, assistance with basic needs and hygiene items, respite care, WIC, immunizations, permanent and supportive housing and more to homeless individuals and families. YNHS is a member of the Homeless Network of Yakima County.

Homeless Resource Centers
Located in Yakima and Sunnyside, YNHS staff work closely with clients who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Services include assistance with safe shelter, transportation, household items, housing, and hygiene items, sometimes rental or utility assistance and many other services that are needed. Clients are screened for eligibility.

Neighborhood Connections
Neighborhood Connections is located near the city bus station in Yakima, It is a dedicated Health Care for the Homeless site, offering medical and dental services, and connects to all other homeless programs YNHS offers.

Respite/Recuperative Care
Homeless individuals have special challenges when they are trying to recuperate after an illness or an injury. YNHS offers these individuals who might not be sick enough to be in the hospital, but are far too ill to be living on the street or in communal shelters. The YNHS Respite Program offers a short term place where they can stay and get well. Case managers and Outreach nurses provide health education, carry out providers’ discharge health plan, and work with the patient to identify housing options when leaving respite.

Transitional and Permanent Supportive Housing
YNHS manages several housing units and works with many landlords in Yakima County to provide housing for individuals and families.

Behavioral Health Services
YNHS behavioral health specialist offer assistance and counseling to homeless clients.

Outreach VanStreet Outreach
YNHS Outreach team (nurses, behavioral health specialists, outreach and housing specialists) use the easily identifiable YNHS Outreach van to visit local shelters and other places where homeless might be, hoping to engage individuals and offer services.

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